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Red flag to Hiring Managers

2014-11-28 12:05:08.0

Job hopper or not - As a Recruiter one of the hardest things is getting that perfect candidate; clients are chooser than ever and want a candidate that ticks all the boxes, no matter how long it takes!

One thing they will not change their minds on - even with the double dip recession - is someone they consider to be a ‘job hopper'.  You can you explain that the person has had valid reasons for leaving a job such as redundancy, which most people have been though at least once. But they will not budge.  Changing jobs too often, this is still a red flag and can still be seen as a sign of instability in an applicant.  However, things have changed due to the recession, and it is hard to find someone who has had a ‘couple of jobs'.

The job for life paradigm is dead and buried, so hiring managers should expect multiple job changes in a lifetime. But, the question is, how many? Recent reports suggest that the average worker will change jobs between 11 and 15 times in a lifetime. Research from a high Street national agency suggests that the usage of temporary workers has increased from 1.47 percent to 1.88 percent in the last year and redundancies have been on the rise.  All this points to increasing volatility in the job market. This suggests the average employee might be changing jobs every two to four years or so. And, arguably, red flagging shouldn't start until a candidate starts showing an average tenure of two years or less, perhaps? 


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